The edible bird’s nest soup


For more than 1000 years, the Chinese have eaten edible bird’s nest soup. People believe that this soup has a high medicinal value ranging from anti-cancer to anti-aging properties. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners also believe that it raises libido, nourishes internal organs, improves concentration, boosts immunity, and they recommend it as a cure for a chronic cough. To some, it is a complement of other treatments.

According to the recent scientific findings, edible bird’s nest soup has a unique epidermal growth factor (EGF). Thus, it can help in the repair of skin cells and tissue and possibly enhance the complexion and reverse ageing.


The caviar of the east

There is a reason why people consider the edible bird’s nest soup as the “Caviar of the East.” This is because it is the best dessert in the Chinese cuisine. A bowl of bird’s nest soup is a pricey delicacy. This meal has high nutritional value and an exquisite flavour. This soup is made from nests of swiftlets that live in limestone caves in Pacific islands, Indian Ocean islands, and South East Asia countries such as Indonesia. Harvesting these nests are a painstaking work. It can take up to an hour to harvest one nest.


Edible bird’s nest soup is highly nutritious

This soup is rich in proteins. It has all the essential amino acids you need for your body to build muscles and facilitate normal bodily functions.  The soup also has six hormones including estradiol and testosterone. There are also lipids and carbohydrates.


Preparing this soup

The simplest way to cook the edible bird’s nest soup is by using rock sugar, water and the edible bird’s nest.

Soak the bird’s nest pieces in water for ½ to 1 hour until it becomes soft.   Do not soak for long to avoid the pieces of the nest from disintegrating. You can remove feathers and debris using kitchen tweezers. Most bird’s nests sold in outlets are very clean thus, they do not need a lot of prepping.

After preparation, stew the bird’s nest for about half an hour to one hour. Double boil using a slow cooker for the best results. Finally, add the desired amount of rock sugar to taste.

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