The Cost Of Clear Braces In Singapore

Clear braces are excellent for those who are seeking orthodontic aid to help correct their teeth alignment, especially if you have severe teeth issues that only traditional braces can fix. Not only are they able to fix these teeth issues, but they are also a better alternative to traditional braces as they are visually more appealing. They are known to be ‘invisible’ to one’s eyes and are especially great for those who are more conscious of their appearance.

If you are planning to get clear braces to enhance your smile or improve your orthodontic issues, then it is crucial for you to gather information related to the procedure, duration and costs involved in the process. A good orthodontist in Singapore can provide you with all the necessary details on clear braces and evaluate whether this type of braces can help to achieve the desired results that you’re looking for. Below, you’ll find out the benefits that braces provide as well as the clear braces cost in Singapore.

Benefits of clear braces

For a couple of reasons, clear braces have become a rather popular choice among many. If you have always thought of wearing traditional braces but are afraid of its appearance, then you should go for ceramic braces instead as they are the same shape as metal braces. What’s more, this type of braces does not demineralize the tooth enamel due to the presence of the bonding agent and even gives superior adhesive strength to ensure that the braces remain strong and healthy throughout the entire treatment.

Depending on the type or colour of the archwire, whether it is frosted, white or silver, each one of them can give an ‘invisible’ appearance from a certain distance and can even be hardly seen with one’s eyes in photographs. As an orthodontic patient, you’ll find the joy of putting on clear braces for its aesthetic reasons and effective treatment.

Though clear braces don’t come at a cheap price, many people, typically both kids and adults consider this type of braces treatment for the reasons stated above.

Cost for Clear Braces in Singapore

In Singapore, clear braces can cost anything between $4,300 to $6,000. However, depending on the various factors involved, such as lab fees, choice of orthodontist and complexity of the correction, you may need to be charged more.

Well, it is not impossible to check on the cost of your braces, your orthodontist can quote it by conducting some initial examinations which include X-rays and study models. The cost entirely depends on the condition of the teeth.

Typically, you will be offered the estimated cost of your braces after the initial consultation, additionally, some dentists may even offer a free consultation. If you are not comfortable with making the full upfront payment, then there are clinics which do offer in-house and credit card instalment plans for the patients to make things more affordable.

The cost for clear braces in Singapore fluctuates significantly from one private dental clinic to the other. Make sure you look through the reputed orthodontic clinics and collect dentist quotes to decide on the best and the most reasonable one.

You can get your clear braces done at both government hospitals and private clinics. Though getting them done at public institutions are a more affordable option, the waiting time can be rather high. However, at the end of the day, it depends on your priorities, so make sure to pick an orthodontist that best suits your needs.

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