Give Your Best Smile With Ceramic Braces

Your smile can create a fantastic first impression that wins people over and opens the doors to exhilarating opportunities.

Teeth alignment can get in your way if it’s something that you worry and feel self-conscious about. Once you get that braces treatment one, you don’t have to put up with alignment issues for another moment. You can decide today to address the cause of your worry and get it corrected once and for all with ceramic braces.

You can have perfectly aligned teeth for an entire lifetime once the treatment is over. Although that doesn’t mean you should skip out on your basic dental hygiene.

Below, we will explain several reasons why ceramic braces are an excellent option.

Clear brackets are practically invisible

Ceramic braces use clear brackets. These brackets are nearly invisible and therefore, don’t draw attention. Traditional braces have metallic components which make them strong but they look too noticeable.

This type of braces on the other hand, will make sure that your braces are less visible. What’s more, you can take a picture freely once the camera is on you because it is completely unnoticeable, so give your best shot and smile away when the picture is being taken!

Comfortable line of treatment

Ceramic braces are attached to your teeth during treatment. One of the main differences between ceramic and metal is the use of alumina compounds. These compounds make the braces strong but blend in well with the natural colour of teeth. Strong braces are needed as teeth are moved by applying constant pressure on them.

When the pressure is not strong enough for the type of alignment issue and the complexity of the condition, the treatment gets needlessly stretched for more months. Ceramic, although fragile by itself, is fortified and strong when combined with the clear brackets. Arch wires are also utilized along with the brackets. These wires are white, frosted or silver colored and blend in.

Overall, the brackets and archwires are strong enough to gradually move teeth but look almost invisible. Ceramic braces will more or less not cause any stains, but there is still a slim chance of it getting stained or damaged with coffee and other foods that may cause staining because of a small clear elastic that will be placed around the bracket.

Enamel-friendly option

The braces are removed once the treatment ends. This is a time when tooth enamel may get damaged if they are not removed correctly. Ceramic braces are affixed to teeth with bonding agents, these bonding agents are easy to remove when the treatment is over.

Since they are easy to remove, there is no real risk of the enamel getting damaged in the process. Review visits to the orthodontist treating you are required, typically once a month, to adjust the braces and track progress. The costs of these braces are higher than the cost for metal ones.

Although metal braces cost less, most adults prefer ceramic over metal due to better aesthetic appeal and as ceramic ones are so much more comfortable. The costs of ceramic braces in Singapore varies, it can go as low as $4,300 and it can as high as up to $6,000. It really just depends on the different factors like the expertise of the orthodontist, the location of the treatment and so on.

The benefits of undergoing this orthodontic treatment are long-lasting. The invisible looks combined with effective treatment make more adults in Singapore choose ceramic over metal when they pick braces for their treatment. It’s also one of the main reasons why many teenagers prefer and choose it.


With the help of ceramic braces, one can easily achieve their desired smile while enjoying several benefits that comes along with the treatment.

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