Clear Braces And Their Benefits For Adults

Have you ever seen the adults around you wearing clear braces? You would probably answer this question with a yes. The reason behind that is the rise of orthodontic cases in adults. Moreover, a lot of people prefer getting orthodontic treatment done later in their adult life, due to several benefits. However, it is said that the appropriate age for Ortho treatment is during a child’s growing age, but braces are good to go at any age. A good orthodontist in Singapore will be able to guide you further with it.

Clear Braces and its History

During the year 1997, the first ever invisible braces had been introduced through a three-dimensional computer technology-based model of clear plastic aligners. The procedure of clear braces was carried out by giving a set of clear braces to the patients, which were to be changed regularly at different intervals. Furthermore, the product was available to trained practitioners later in 2000. They were offered to all those patients, who hesitated when the treatment plan of regular metallic braces with traditional wires and brackets was offered to them.

Benefits of Clear Braces

Clear braces have become more and more common as the awareness has increased, and people have started acknowledging the invisible technology of straightening crooked teeth. Moreover, many adult patients have become determined towards oral hygiene and dental visits too. The idea of correcting the positioning of teeth, the function of mouth and the smile without the use of metal wiring has become increasingly popular with clear braces.


Clear braces can be removed when an individual is eating food, improving the dental hygiene automatically. After eating and drinking, the retainers can be inserted back into the mouth, continuing the process of aligning the teeth. There have been several positive results with the use of clear braces:

  1. The patient has become more confident about the appearance of his teeth
  2. Properly aligned teeth improve the overall oral health

Although clear braces cost Singapore is more when compared to the conventional braces treatment, they offer many more benefits than just convenience.

Better Oral Hygiene

When a person has straighter teeth, it gets easier to clean them. The accumulation of plaque, bacteria and food debris gives rise to gum diseases and tooth decay. However, when a person’s teeth are properly positioned and aligned, the probability of food getting stuck in between the teeth is reduced by a huge margin, and hence chances of accumulation of food debris is significantly reduced.

Defense against Debris

Another fact that needs to be considered is that the chances of gingivitis infection are decreased when the teeth are properly aligned, which also decreases the risk of triggers that can cause inflammation. Periodontal problems are proven to give rise to many other health problems as well, and not just problems of the oral cavity.

Protection against Trauma

The other benefit that has been observed with the treatment of clear braces is decreased trauma, which is caused when the teeth are not properly aligned together. The teeth can break, chip and even cause abrasion. Clear braces can align the teeth and prevent such problems.

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